Got Stumps?

Stumps make wonderful homes for Ants, Bees, and other un wanted insects!

We have 2 methods to remove stumps.

1) Backhoe – If you have un developed property with little or no lawn, we can use the backhoe to dig up that old stump!

2) Stump Grind – We have 3 different stump grinders to get in there to do the job right! Stump Grinding is becoming more popular as it does not leave big holes, and doesn’t destroy your lawn that is already there! We simply grind the stump below the surface, fill in with topsoil, little grass seed, and before you know it, you have more lawn to mow!


Our portable Stump Grinder.

Its small, but it will grind anywhere!  Do you have a closed in back yard that doesn’t have a gate? NO PROBLEM: This little grinder can be carried threw your front door and out the back door to grind those ugly stumps!





Our Mid Size Grinder can chew up those ugly stumps in no time at all!

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